Original Artwork and Wall Murals

Inspired by the Outdoors
Moutain painting on wood in living room

Mountain Paintings on Wood

These large format paintings make an impact, even in spacious areas, in homes and retail environments. The paints are acrylic and the canvases are sheets of birch, sourced to have great character in the grain pattern. Every piece is unique and original.


  • 4 Ft x 8 Ft Sheet: $650–900 (Seattle Area Only)
    • Free Delivery within 20 miles of Maple Valley, WA
    • Can also create two 4’x4′ panels
    • Additional $100 for walnut, and additional $140 for bamboo.
  • 3 Ft x 3 Ft Panels (x2): $500–750 (US Only)
    • Additional $85 for walnut, and additional $125 for bamboo.
  • 2 Ft x 4 Ft Sheet: $300–425 (US Only)
  • Alternative sizes available when placing an order
Interior wall mountain mural in bedroom

Mountain Murals

For people in the Seattle area who have large surfaces to enhance in their home or business and truly want to live or work among the mountains. These wall murals bring life to any space. They can be painted in any interior wall paint color to be high impact or more subtle.


  • Contact me for pricing
Jonny Bobgan with Mountain Sketch on Wood

Landscape Pen Sketches on Wood

These smaller pieces are more detailed while still being large enough to add beauty to your wall or counter space. While my larger paintings are more stylized, these are more realistic in nature. Is there a place that’s special to you or a loved one? I can use  your photos as reference to make it meaningful.


  • ~24″x9″ Plank: $350–500
  • ~16″x11″ Plank: $275-400
  • ~11″x7″ Plank: $200-300

Order Form

Pricing starts at $200 for any custom project. If you have a lower budget, please visit my In-Stock page—I try to keep a few originals available for less. Thanks!

What would you like the artwork to be on?

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What size(s) are you interested in?

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